Welcome to the reintroduction of “The Mind Critique” blog. First and foremost, I would like to express that I am very excited to begin blogging again. This form of communication is something I have always wanted to partake in, but excuses and a lack of work ethic has been detrimental to my blog’s success. That is of course, until now. That’s enough pondering on the past, let’s get into what “The Mind Critique” blog is about!

I think general consensus would agree that healthy discourse is very important for any given society. After all, language is essential in both the growth and survival of any species. A blog is a great medium where individuals can have conversations about various topics which interest them. I wanted to create a blog where individuals with varying opinions could come and have constructive discussions about issues plaguing America, and society as a whole. With that said, my main goal is not only back and forth discussion. I want people, myself included, to become more introspective about their own beliefs. The Mind Critique blog is not only a place where you come to perpetuate your own beliefs, but hopefully it becomes a space where you question your own notions, and are open to changing your own perspective on an issue or topic when warranted.

This blog isn’t an attempt to sway readers into believing or conforming to the opinions shared on the behalf of myself or others. Mind Critiquing should be seen as a tool which can be used to help us assess how and what we think about. This is in hopes of creating, not a utopia, but a society open to improvement. If you’re still a little confused on what I mean, here’s an example.

Fred is open about being a Democrat on social media. For this instance, let’s use Twitter as the media platform. Fred often tweets about how being liberal is what’s best for society because the party promotes equal opportunities, and preserves human rights. Kevin is also on Twitter, and is open about being a Republican. His tweets consist of conservative ideas which promotes the preservation of traditional laws, family structure and religion. One day, these two human-beings clash on Twitter over conflicting opinions. Fred claims Republicans are what’s wrong with the world today, and Kevin claims Democrats are what’s wrong with the world today. The conversation between the two goes from being sort of constructive, to completely destructive over a course of a few tweets. Nothing productive or positive comes out of their quarrel on social media.

What they are continuously arguing about is minuscule compared to the bigger picture. Here are two human-beings that are drawing barriers between themselves over different political views. Let’s process this for a minute. Fred and Kevin are exuding hate for one another because they feel their political stand-points out weigh something that should draw them closer together. You would think being of the same species, (Homo-Sapiens), would mean much more than being a Democrat or a Republican.

Imagine Fred and Kevin stopped for a moment, critiqued their behavior, and accessed the situation. Sharing their opinions is not what the problem is. The problem is, instead of talking to one another with respect, they chose to bash each other because in their mind, only one person is right. If Fred and Kevin’s ultimate goal were to sign on to Twitter to make themselves feel important, then I honestly believe no resolutions or impactful discourse can come out of that. But, if they mutually Tweeted in hopes of helping other people, then I believe there is value in their discourse.

The Mind Critique blog will attempt to deface ideas which seem to draw barriers between people and communities. I cannot do this on my own though, I need sensible people to help me by contributing their thoughts and opinions on various post on this blog. Again, this blog isn’t an attempt to save the world, but it is here to open the minds of people who wish to express their thoughts and are open to changing their perspective.

I believe change begins with critiquing ourselves. We stay in control of our thoughts and actions by considering the possible outcomes of each move we make. Is what I’m about to say or do going to change a particular situation in a positive light? Or will it bring forth negativity and destruction? Forget putting the blame or pointing the finger at someone or a group, let’s start with ourselves!

The Mind Critique blog will cover current events and topics bloggers want to discuss. Remember, all perspectives are welcome and needed!

This is just the beginning, lets start critiquing together!